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contact post [12 Nov 2021|02:13am]
i really hate ij's pm system, i'd rather you leave a comment, please.
ICONS: [info]pbsbyariel

[06 Jul 2014|06:06pm]
i cant believe no one's pbd denise richards, specifically from the like starship troopers era. ugh shes so cute

[10 Aug 2013|12:47pm]

a sappy fanmix of romance-oriented songs for a dumb rp character of mine. listen.

track listing )

[04 Aug 2013|09:45am]
i have this terrible habit of playing emotionless robot girls who never want to interact with anyone. it makes them really hard to keep active in a game. like:
- x-23
- katniss everdeen
- effy stonem
- lady amalthea
- astrid magnussen
- bella swan (vampire hunter au)
- snow (swath)

other characters i want to play somewhere:
- pixie (marvel)
- tomie
- witch baby

characters i sometimes get the urge to play and then remember, oh yeah, i'd get bored of them really fast:
- northstar
- wither
- mako mori (not that she's boring, but that pacific rim is such a perfectly self-contained story about her character arc that playing her pre- or post-canon both seem utterly pointless to me)

[24 Jul 2013|02:19am]

hinder - lips of an angel
nickelback - savin' me
blink 182 - i miss you
creed - higher
maroon 5 - love somebody
linkin park - numb
limp bizkit - behind blue eyes
theory of a deadman - hate my life
nickelback - how you remind me
puddle of mudd - she hates me


(i was gonna put savage garden on there even though i kind of unironically like them but i couldn't find any on soundcloud boo)

[10 Jul 2013|06:49pm]

i take gud screencapz 2

[09 Jul 2013|04:37pm]

i take gud screencapz

[04 Jul 2013|05:34pm]
omfg enough with the "cunt boys" already. although frankly i'd rather you people use that language than "trans man" because it clearly communicates that it's about 100% fetish fuel for you and that you don't give a shit about actual trans people, but i'm so sick of seeing it, especially with the lurid, over-the-top fetishizing and objectifying pornographic language you insist on using in ads. when is this trend going to die? it reminds me of when back when fucking everyone was playing super fetishy amputee characters.

[17 Jun 2013|12:44pm]

I am the mental hospital piano and I have seen hands. )

[31 May 2013|02:27am]

are you making this magic? -no. you are. )

ebooks [22 Feb 2013|04:49am]
ebook uploads.
note that most of these have probably expired because sendspace blows. if you want something lmk and i can reupload.

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wrong filetype?
convert it!
ask, if it's not super obscure i can probably find it!

marvel pb suggestions [10 Oct 2012|05:12am]
Marvel PB Suggestions

So I had one of these years ago, stopped RPing in the fandom, and let it go to ground. Since there are way more PB resources now than there were ~BACK IN THE DAY~, and also more people in the fandom, I felt it was time for a new list. And also because I like making lists. I know there's at least one other list floating around, but my priority is getting out suggestions for characters that are usually PB'd way off -- wrong ethnicity, weird age discrepancy, general inappropriateness, etc) -- or who aren't played very often because people can't find a PB for them.  )

misc pb suggestions [04 Oct 2011|02:20am]
Misc PB Suggestions

Anna-Varney Cantodea
Anthony Simcoe
Bernard Bresslaw
Dave Legeno
Dru Viergever
Julian Arahanga
Mads Mikkelson
Mallika Sherawat (also, Nagah)
Rex Linn
Rory McCann
Virginia Hey

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